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Five Brazilian Visions for Solo Guitar

five brazilian visions for solo guitar

Five Brazilian Visions for Solo Guitar – Beautiful beaches, forest canopies, cool breezes, mountain rivers. Bossa Novas, Sambas and more – they are all here for your enjoyment! “Here are five excellent examples of how to write Brazilian guitar music without being native to that country.” – Steve Marsh, CLASSICAL GUITAR MAGAZINE

Five Brazilian Visions w/TAB   00125   $12.95


Eight Reflections for Solo Guitar

eight reflections for solo guitar

“Play something for me...” Here are eight exquisitely crafted solo guitar pieces to help you answer that request! Composed with the Jazz guitarist in mind, there are works here for players of all levels. Accessible yet substantial, you’ll find a piece in the Metheny harmonic style, a Mick Goodrick-like extended modal study, a Soul guitar example, a Blues featuring harmonized octaves, and much more...

Eight Reflections w/TAB   00126   $12.95


Essential Standards Volume 1 – Roots

essential standards v1

Accompaniment studies in traditional style that take you through the standards you must know. Volume 1 gives you two versions each of studies based on Cherokee, Back Home in Indiana, and Oh! Lady be Good – one FAST, one SLOW! Plus a fast study based on How High the Moon. Cover these must-know tunes with this book! “Bill McCormick has written a fine book, probably the best to date...” – Adrian Ingram, JUST JAZZ GUITAR

Essential Standards V1 w/TAB   00127   $12.95


Kingdom of the Blues Volume 1 – Dominant Seventh Blues

essential standards v1

Enjoy a comprehensive exploration of the 12-bar dominant seventh Blues form ... from traditional to contemporary, this book even delves into the avant garde. Contains examples in all keys as well as plenty of single line solo ideas. And, as always, accompaniment ideas that are fun to play and useful on the bandstand.

Kingdom of the Blues V1 w/TAB   00128   $12.95


Kingdom of the Blues Volume 2 – Derivative Forms

essential standards v1

Volume II continues the exploration of the Blues begun in Volume I , but covers non-dominant seventh and derivative forms. Contains two straight ahead, super clean accompaniment studies with walking bass lines...First a Minor Blues in the darker, Aeolian style (Extended Bass Line with Accents #2), then a Charlie Parker style II-V Blues (Bird Changes). Also, a Gospel work (A Church Named the Blues), and a Wes Montgomery Dorian Minor Blues style piece.

Kingdom of the Blues V2 w/TAB   00129   $12.95


A Walk Through the Blues

essential standards v1

This work for solo guitar starts with a single note walking bass line, then a chorus of two-note Freddie Green walking time accompaniment, then progresses into variations galore – over twelve choruses in all! Contains a chorus by chorus narrative by the composer, detailing important stylistic and analytical concepts. “Beautifully presented... A good idea, well set out... recommended.” – Andy Mackenzie, JUST JAZZ GUITAR

A Walk through the Blues w/TAB   00130   $12.95


Rhythm Changes Pickstyle Guitar Accompaniment Vol 1 – All Keys

essential standards v1

“Walking Time” swing style studies in all keys. With voice led triads and harmonized bass lines. All studies are connected and move through the cycle of fifths for ease of practicing. Perfect for medium or slow tempos. Reading required. “If you’ve ever wanted to master Freddie Green’s swinging four-to-the-barstyle, here’s your chance...Very focused, very complete, very worthwhile.” – Andy Ellis, GUITAR PLAYER MAGAZINE

Rhythm Changes Vol 1 / Reading Req   00131   $12.95


Rhythm Changes Uptempo Pickstyle Guitar Accompaniment Vol 2 – All Keys

essential standards v1

Play time at the fastest of tempos using guide tones and small voicings – you’ll glide through the changes. Contemporary and traditional examples. Studies in all keys, including four in B flat. If you play pickstyle rhythm you’ll love this book! “Any jazz guitarist interested in the rhythm playing aspects of the art form will find a wealth of material between the pages ... a highly recommended resource for the dedicated player.” – Ray Walker, JGSWA

Rhythm Changes Vol 2 w/TAB   00132   $12.95


Rhythm Changes Vol 3 – Fingerstyle Studies

essential standards v1

Master the art of finger style accompaniment and chord soloing with this unique book. Volume 3 explores the Rhythm Changes with comping studies as well as works for solo guitar (twelve in all). Titles include Major Triads Over Bass Notes, Staccato & Legato, Extended Bass Line with Accents, Upper Register, and Ornamentation. A treasure trove of ideas!

Rhythm Changes Vol 3 w/TAB   00133   $12.95


Gold Series Volume 1 & 2 – Rhythm Changes and I Play Rhythm

essential standards v1

Chord solos in in folio form, for guitartists seeking to build their solo guitar repertoire. Gold Series #1 Rhythm Changes – untitled study, rhythmically expressive, contemporary harmonies – key of B flat, fingerstyle, and Gold Series #2, I Play Rhythm, features block chords – Key of B Flat, Pickstyle.

Gold Series V1 and V2 w/TAB   00134   $6.95


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