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Blues Talkin'
Suite For Solo Guitar (Modern)

to be continued

Powerful new solo guitar pieces in the Blues genre composed by Bill McCormick. Performed by guitar virtuoso Craig Wagner.

Blues Talkin' (Digital Release Only)   MPUBDG003   $9.99



To Be Continued

to be continued

Eight new works for a quintet comprised of the best of New York’s top line players: Jim Clouse (reeds), Hans Glawischnig (bass), Ken Hatfield (guitar), Steve Kroon (percussion), and Dan Weiss (drums). This all acoustic Jazz ensemble will delight you with music that ranges from Be-bop to Brazil – and with some stylings that defy classification. Beautifully arranged, tastefully played – and definitely cooking all the way through!

To Be Continued CD   MPUBCD002   $15.00



Music for Guitar Volume 1

music for guitar volume 1

Exciting new compositions for solo guitar. Though all have jazz roots, there are styles here for all tastes: Blues, Gospel, Brazilian, Latin, and more. Performed by top flight contemporary guitarists Jon Damian, Ken Hatfield, Pete Smith and Craig Wagner.

Music for Guitar Volume 1   MPUBCD001   $15.00



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