Jazz albums and books

To Be Continued...

Eight works for a quintet comprised of the best of New York’s top line players. Available as a CD or download, this all acoustic Jazz ensemble will delight you with music that ranges from Be-bop to Brazil – and with some stylings that defy classification. Beautifully arranged, tastefully played – and definitely cooking all the way through!

Solo guitar pieces in the Blues genre

Impressions filtered through a lifelong lens of musical study and personal understanding, Blues Talkin’ achieves the intersection of the Blues as both speech and music. This album now available for download.

Complement your music library with mPub books

M Pub offers a series of books for Jazz Guitarists which provide you with actual pieces to play (versus dry mechanical “exercises“). These books  encompass a wide range of Jazz Guitar essentials as well as more advanced solo guitar pieces to expand your repertoire and grow your skills.